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The WPO is fortunate to own a large suite of high-quality percussion instruments, many of these acquired thanks to a generous legacy bequest by a former member — few orchestras of this kind in the UK are able to boast such an extensive range.

A number of these instruments may available for hire by other local musical ensembles, by

direct arrangement with our Hire Manager, HERE.

The WPO 'Graham Whittaker' Percussion Suite


Premier Pedal Timpani: 25", 28", 30"

Hand-Tuned Timpani: 24", 26", 28"

Untuned Percussion

32" Adams BD32/22 Free-Suspended Concert Bass Drum 

20" Clash Cymbals (Zildjian, Classic Orchestral Selection, medium light)

18" Crash Cymbals (Turkish Percussion / "Banda" style)

20" Zildjian symphonic suspended cymbal 

18" Meinl symphonic suspended cymbal

Pearl 14"x 5"orchestral snare drum (Matte Walnut)

Premier side drum

Tenor drum with snares. Premier bottom skin, Remo top skin.

32" Paiste Symphonic Tam-Tam

26" Tam-Tam

Sonor Table Templeblock Set (5-piece, Ash Wood, with table stand)

Grover Pro Percussion T2/GS 10" Tambourine (Premier White Skin Head)

Grover Pro Percussion 6" Bronze pro-hammered Concert Triangle TR-BPH-6

Grover Pro Percussion 9" Bronze Symphonic Triangle TR-B-9

Bell Percussion LP Castanet Machine

Two standard pairs of castanets

Standard Wood Block

Two plastic wood blocks

Orchestral Whip

Hand jingles

Tuned Percussion

Glockenspiel 2.5 octaves (reconditioned, with table stand)

3.5 Octave Light Rosewood Xylophone (Adams)

Tubular Bells (Adams BKIID15 1.5 Octave, C5-F6 Range)

Equipment and Accessories

Premier Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand (brand unknown)

Adams Xylophone Mallets MLXB6

90cm Thomann Tam-Tam Stand

Meinl TMHCS Stand for Crash Cymbals

Paiste M5 Tam-Tam Beater

Grover Pro Percussion Triangle Beaters (B1, B2, B3 Brass Tubular Beater Set)

Grover Pro Percussion Dual Triangle Mount

Hardcase 20" Cymbal Case

Protec 6 pack Divider Cymbal Bag C232

Pearl PTT-1824W Percussion Accesories Table

Meinl Accessories Bag

Ahead Armour Snare Drum Bag

Peal 38" Pro Hardware Bag

JAM Deluxe Timpani Chair 

+ Miscellaneous beaters and stands

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